What a great way to travel, an electric bike is fantastic for traveling, no parking limits, don’t have to pay for parking, minimal traffic, yet you still get exercise, which has many health benefits. As electric bikes get better, can travel longer distances, and easy to ride, I think they will become more and more popular. I know on my electric bike I can travel up to 40 to 50 mikes depending on my speed and the terrain I am traveling on.

I started riding my electric bike about a year ago and instantly fell in love, if you have never ridden one, go to your local shop and test drive one, then come back to the internet to find the best deals. A couple of pointers, don’t buy one unless it has at least a 500w motor, 48 volt battery, from a price point you can find a great bike for between $1,000.00 and $2,500.00.

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