/5 things we learned from Timothée Chalamets interview with Harry Styles

5 things we learned from Timothée Chalamets interview with Harry Styles

Indie darling Timothée Chalamet, starring in the upcoming drug addiction drama Beautiful Boy, took a break from being the internet’s boyfriend to take a phone call from Harry Styles, the internet’s other boyfriend. The former One Direction singer and future Met Gala chair interviewed Chalamet for the actor’s i-D magazine cover spread and though the two hadn’t met prior to the interview (or really, even after the interview, as it was by phone), they quickly established a familiar rapport which led to some interesting tidbits. Tidbits like:

Armie Hammer actually helped orchestrate one of the pivotal scenes in Call Me By Your Name.

Styles asked Chalamet if there was a scene in the script for Call Me By Your Name that made him want to do the film, and Chalamet referenced the scene where Elio reveals his feelings for Oliver by the war memorial.

On the day, Luca Guadagnino didn’t quite know how he wanted to shoot it, and it was actually Armie Hammer who had the idea to do it in one take and in a wide shot. It took away the whole cringey Hollywood feeling. If you mute the movie you can’t tell it’s somebody telling somebody else that they are in love with them.

Chalamet can still eat peaches.

Even after performing in a… memorable scene involving a peach in CMBYN, Chalamet is still able to eat the fruit.

H: Can you still eat peaches?
T: [Laughs] Umm I can, but not without thinking about it…

H: I’ve had a hard time…
T: [Laughs again] That’s the most awkward scene to see with your parents in the whole world. My poor father…

The actor is a big hip-hop fan.

When asked about redefining masculinity, Chalamet cites rapper Lil B.

People like Lil B – I hope people won’t roll their eyes reading this – was really impactful for me because he really blurred those lines as a musician. I would be so thrilled to know that the roles I’m playing are instigating change in some way.

He also said if he could only listen to one song for the rest of his life, it would be ‘Rain’ by Kid Cudi.

He sleeps naked.

Enjoy the mental image.

Harry Styles likes Big Mouth.

There’s no reason he shouldn’t! It’s a really fun show. Chalamet mentioned that he likes Rick and Morty and then Styles made his recommendation.

H: Have you seen Big Mouth? 
T: No, I haven’t. Do I have to get into that? 

H: Yeah, it’s on Netflix. Go watch Big Mouth. 
T: Alright. 

Now we’re just waiting for these new best friends to star in a movie together.

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